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Tonight's Practice 5:30-7:15...tomorrow's show time 9:00
by posted 06/17/2022

Hello NORTH Nation!!

BLUF (bottom line up front)

Practice tonight, Quonset Field 1: 5:30-7:15 (have to knock off a few minutes early, celebrating oldest's HS graduation dinner tonight). 

Parents: If your son will be not available for either Saturday or (hopefully) Sunday's game...please let me know if you have not already done so. 

Semi Final Game against East Greenwich tomorrow:

PreGamePrep!: As usual, I will give the boys my speech tonight about Hydration, Nutrition, and Sleep. It has been a busy week, and in order for everyone to be at their best tomorrow, fueling the body and giving it rest tonight will be critical. Please help encourage the boys to get to bed tonight so they can give their best tomorrow. For those on the team that have this game in the morning followed by three club games in the afternoon, this is even MORE important - I know kids seem like they have endless energy...but this weekend will really tax the kids. If we win tomorrow, we play for the Rhode Island State Championship on Sunday morning...please help your boys set themselves up for success by properly fueling and resting their bodies so they can say they gave their best and left it all on the field.

Showtime - 9:00am. Please have your player at the field by 9:00. This gives us plenty of time to loosen up, warm up, and get our minds right. We don't want anyone rushing to the field last minute. Plus, as you will see...there is a bit of a hike to the field.

Field - URI Boys #2 (there is a field map available, but we don't know which field is which yet...more to follow on that). In the attached picture, the Ryan Center is off to the right of the image...parking will be in the big lots off West Alumni Ave.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Please use today to ensure your son has ALL his required gear. I have 9 spare mouth guards remaining, but they are a pain to wear and difficult to speak through. Additionally, it hasn't been an issue for us all year, but please ensure your son does not go crazy with eye black...the refs will force him to remove it. A single line, directly under each eye, is all that is allowed. I haven't seen any of our players using it, so it is probably no issue. Tighten up the screws on the head and shaft, ensure all uniform and protective gear items are in the bag and ready to go...and then put on the favorite pump up music and head to the's going to be a great day!



Your Coaches




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RIYLL still looking for volunteers...
by posted 06/17/2022

Hello NORTH Nation!


Forwarding the link below from RIYLL. They are still looking for volunteers for the playoffs this weekend. Please sign up if you are interested! Good opportunity for middle or high schoolers to earn some volunteer hours...Bethany (North Girls side President) has indicated she would sign off for them.


Click here for the RIYLL Signup Genius page



Coach Sean


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